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Adentis Appoints João Gomes and Marco Barreiros as Managing Directors


João Gomes, formerly COO, and Marco Barreiros, former CBDO, take on leadership roles at Adentis as Managing Directors in Lisbon and Porto, respectively. The tech company inaugurated a newly renovated office and implemented autonomous management in Porto at the beginning of 2024. These appointments are intended to meet the regional needs of businesses and IT professionals. Adentis will continue to operate as a single brand, sharing the same vision, values, and resources.

Managing Director João Gomes, 36, holds a degree in Electronic, Telecommunications, and Computer Engineering from ISEL. He brings over 13 years of experience in various roles within the IT market—Consultant, Manager, Senior Manager, and COO. He has been with Adentis for six years, serving as COO for the last three years, characterized by leading by example and discipline. João Gomes now assumes the role of Managing Director in Lisbon, committed to strengthening the brand's culture and promoting a people-centered work environment. “One of the main focuses will remain on attracting and retaining talent, essential for stable growth, increasingly relying on the physical proximity of our employees while not neglecting remote work preferences and possibilities in daily operations. We aim to deepen relationships with our existing partners who have trusted us for several years, as well as explore new strategic partnerships both nationally and internationally,” he states.

Marco Barreiros, 40, holds a master's degree in Social and Organizational Psychology from ISPA and a postgraduate degree in Human Resources Management from ISEG. He is now Managing Director of Adentis in Porto. He has an 18-year career, with 12 years at International House Lisbon, and the last six years at Adentis, as Manager, International Manager, and CBDO. As a manager, Marco Barreiros is noted for his adaptability, perseverance, and focus on team performance through the development of individual characteristics of each team member. “I believe that the leader should be the first to serve their team and should be its most available resource,” Barreiros states. To lead the new office in Porto, he intends to foster the company's culture, strengthen relationships with employees, and expand business sustainably. “We intend to bring the brand closer to the city of Porto from a cultural point of view, create a shared identity culture, bring people closer to the company, and generate business through the diversification of disruptive technological realities and stable projects,” he mentions.

Both share a clear vision for Adentis' future in Portugal. Their strategies include closer engagement with employees through reinforcing organizational culture, investing in talent acquisition and retention, and seeking new business opportunities both nationally and internationally. In 2023, the tech company surpassed 10 million in revenue for the first time, recording a 4% growth compared to the same period last year, with a team of 220 professionals.

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