Ten reasons to join Adentis


Adentis wanted to give you not one, but two handfuls of reasons to be part of this team, highlighting what you could find and access if you joined us. Read each one of them and understand the advantages of being part of this Innovation & Technology company. When you are convinced send your CV to:

Reason 1
Employees are #1 and each makes a difference.Our team members are our priority and we believe in the value of each one of them.

Reason 2
Bet on new talents through our academies. We know the talents that are unfinished and that sometimes just need a little touch to enter the world of technology. Our academies are created with this objective in mind.

Reason 3
Free training in several areas. The “watertight” concept is not a reality at Adentis. We want our employees to evolve and, as such, we guarantee conditions for this to happen. As such, we offer dozens of annual training courses for them to develop hard and soft skills.

Reason 4
Professional certification programs In addition to training, our employees also have access to professional certification programs.

Reason 5
Participatory and inclusive culture. We believe in and value the ideas of each of our team members. Multiculturalism and inclusion are part of our DNA.

Reason 6
Access to health insurance and telecommunications plan. Our team has access to a series of benefits, such as health insurance and telecommunications plan, which can be enjoyed from the beginning of our relationship.

Reason 7
Partnership program with exclusive discounts. You know that technological gadget you've been dating for some time or that shoe you really wanted to buy? By working at Adentis, you are one step closer to being able to buy what is on your wish list compared to the dozens of partnerships that the company has and which guarantee you exclusive discounts.

Reason 8
Support for innovative and differentiating ideas. We always open the door to creativity and bet on ideas that make a difference. At Adentis, your voice is always heard.

Reason 9
Growing, young and dynamic team. We have registered annual growth since our birth, both in terms of turnover and the number of employees. The good atmosphere among the team contributed greatly to this, as a result of clear, transparent and accessible communication, which drives greater dynamism.

Reason 10
We belong to an international group with more than 30 companies and offices in 11 countries

Adentis is part of a large and solid structure, which guarantees professionalism, stability and room for progression.

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