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We modernize and add value. We find solutions to the challenges of our partners and guarantee their growth.

How? Through a team of more than 200 professionals with more than 10 years of experience.



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NeXel develops digital tool for Secil

Secil is one of the biggest players in the production and sale of cement and building materials at national level and with an international presence.


The future of women in IT

The IT market offers specialized and well-paid jobs, with growth responsible for creating several jobs.


5 reasons that made 2022 an excellent year for ADENTIS

2022 was truly memorable for ADENTIS, with the achievement of several milestones that are worthy of celebration.


Adentis Christmas: From the Invicta city to the Seven Hills

At Adentis, the concept of family is very important and, therefore, the invitation was extended to all our employees' relatives.


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We provide a specialized project development service under the guidance and management responsibility of the client. Our consultants bring together the technical and personal skills necessary to carry out the projects they are part of.

Research & Development

We are able to develop research for business validation or to solve your product challenges. If you have a project at the beginning, bring it to us and we'll find out if it has prospects of becoming something that generates value in the market.


From Portugal, one of the safest countries in the world and with offices in the center of Lisbon and Porto, we offer a global action offer. Thus providing employees with a good quality of life and academics to help with their projects.

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We are based in Portugal

At Adentis we believe that each individual will do their best if they are happy and have the right tools. We spare no effort to train qualified professionals and recognize their merits along the way.

We are a fast-growing family without neglecting our most precious assets, which are our employees. This is the secret to keeping our customers satisfied and delivering amazing projects.


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