Adentis invests in closed design and training units


· The launch of NeXel, a Closed Project unit, is the main highlight of Adentis' new area: Strategy. News Team as a Service and Tech Academies are also part of this axis.
· Research & Development and Nearshore are Adentis' other areas of activity in 2022

ADENTIS has renewed its areas of activity in order to consolidate its position in the services and Innovation and Technology market. It established three main axes – “Research & Development”, “Nearshore” and “Strategy”. It is from the latter that the novelties emerge, with emphasis on NeXel – the Closed Project unit of the company led by Chief Technology Officer André Gomes – which will develop customized information systems for customers and partners to consolidate their transformation  digital process.

In addition, Team as a Service and Tech Academies are added as new services integrated into the company's "Strategy" area. The new ADENTIS unit helps to initiate or consolidate the process of Digital Transformation of partners, generating added value to the your business. NeXel has a multidisciplinary team, based on five years of experience and focuses on the development of Cloud Web Solutions, systems integration, mobile and Artificial Intelligence. of partners. It presents a hybrid and flexible model that allows combining the best of the world of individual outsourcing and Managed Services. It makes available to the customer a team specialized in different technological environments. Responding to the need for constant training of professionals in the Innovation sector and the scarcity of certified staff in certain technologies, ADENTIS created the Tech Academies. It provides personalized training to the team in order to guarantee an ecosystem of knowledge and mastery of hard skills.

As a differentiating factor, the training program that is completely tailored and in collaboration with different customers stands out. The enhancement of the career of employees is, in fact, another focus in this restructuring of the company offer, with greater support provided by ADENTIS in their training: given the seniority of the team, a greater proximity plan will be implemented with the most recent employees, in particular those who are starting their professional career. In educational institutions – the technological laboratory and research projects will strengthen your position in the company. The Nearshore area will be another novelty compared to the previous year. “We are constantly strengthening our areas and services according to global needs. Our approach involves the use of technology as a weapon for corporate and social development”, says João Gomes. “ADENTIS wants to consolidate its position as a reference in the area of ​​the Innovation and Technology sector in Portugal”.

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