Quality policy

Adentis is a technology consulting company, focused on in novation and specialized in developing projects in information systems, which recognizes Quality as a key factor for strategic and sustained development of the company, so its Quality Policy should be essential for its employees and followed in their day-to-day, with a viewto continuous improvement.

With the goal of being a consulting company recognized for its competence in creating and developing pioneering solutions, focused on innovation and technology, Adentis is oriented to create true value for its employees and customers.

To achieve this commitment, Adentis bases its policy on the following principles:

• Identify and meet the needs of its employees by providing a service of excellence, promoting their personal well-being, being attentive to demotivating factors;

• Identify and meet the needs of Customers by providing an excellent service, promoting the creation of value with its customers and other stakeholders;

• Alignment and permanent focus with the company's values ("We are Adentis" and "our DNA")

• Simplification and continuous optimization of processes, aiming at the continuous improvement of the organization;

• Involvement and qualification of its employees, in the improvement of the services provided to the client;

• Maintain a quality management system, according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, in compliance with the applicable legislation and contractual requirements.

Thus, the Administration asks each employee and stakeholders, within the scope of their functions, to consider this culture of Quality, as a priority, and to integrate it as a basic principle, in the performance of their activities, thus enabling continuous improvement and the provision of a service of excellence.