Team as a Service. Teams need to adapt to their partner needs


The Team unit provides teams of variable size, adaptable to the partner's needs. ADENTIS makes available to customers the necessary answer to the feasibility of the proposed challenges, either through individual outsourcing or through Managed Services. With a hybrid and flexible model, ADENTIS has a highly specialized team in different technological environments, which is constituted by a variable number of elements that have a transversal training offer available and certifications that suit their activities. With Team as a Service, customers assume the technical management of the teams and their composition, without, however, having to be responsible for stages of recruitment or administrative management. The Team as a Service fits into the “Strategy” axis of the company after the renovation of the areas of activity carried out this year in order to consolidate its position in the market of Innovation and Technology services. NeXel, a closed project unit, and the Tech Academies are the other areas that make up this axis.

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