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How to attract and retain talent? Listen, manage information and act


Companies centralized in each person, solving their common concerns is the answer in retaining talent inthe technology sector. João Gomes, Chief Operating Officer at Adentis, talks about his perception on these topics to RH Magazine.

The Innovation and Technology sector lives in a somewhat parallel reality in relation to other markets: it is constantly willing to receive qualified professionals, but it is struggling in identifying and retaining them. The main reason: the need to hear what employees want. There is a necessity for constant adaptation of work models, benefits, and company values.

Millennials and Gen Z are looking for an employer that sees its workers as human beings, guided by an ideal of respect for others. This comprehends the importance of time, environment and characteristics that deviate from current standards. The work-life balance and corporate social responsibility have become impactful requirements for young people when choosing where they want to work. Hybrid and full remote models are here to stay. With the elimination of physical and geographic barriers, we are moving towards a working ecosystem that is increasingly more global and where the audience that can be recruited is widened.

Specify needs that can capture the whole

The increasing demand of employees makes HR need to take an active role in their daily work. Regular and personalized communication is a key starting point for creating a talent retention strategy. But listening carefully without delving into actions that reflect the fulfillment of individual desires because it might end up having an effect precisely opposite to what was initially wanted. The team needs to have a voice.

To guarantee these conditions, companies must create channels for receiving feedback and motivating all elements to be active on them. Afterwards, data analysis can follow. With the multitude of information to be managed, it is necessary to create a touching point: a system centralized in each person, but that creates a common report, highlighting the most frequent matters.  The final process is to get to work and not leave these concerns forgotten. In an increasingly global ecosystem, the possibilities for business and team expansion increase, but also the difficulties in retaining talent. Preserving who we have with us is more important than never.

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