Adentis recebe Estatuto Inovadora COTEC 2023


Adentis, once again, received the COTEC Innovative Statute. Innovating is our path and it is with great pleasure that we announce that we have received this prestigious status.

This initiative, promoted by COTEC Portugal, strengthens the notoriety and values ​​the important business brands in the Portuguese market. In this third edition, 1184 companies applied and 790 Statutes were attributed, through rigorous criteria defined by the regulations of INOVADORA COTEC.

This distinction reinforces our commitment to excellence and highlights the impact of our innovative solutions in the IT market. This is also a highlight for our Research & Development (R&D) and Investigation department, which also has the recognition of Suitability by the National Innovation Agency for our Research and Development (R&D) work in areas of activity related to applied ICT to Health and ICT in business.

We are committed to driving technological progress and creating innovative solutions. Through continuous investments and strategic partnerships, we are actively looking for new approaches and technologies that will always elevate our value proposition. We are very pleased with this achievement and would like to thank all the people who contributed to it.

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