Adentis join forces for a greener world


During March, Adentis had the opportunity to participate in a tree planting in Sintra.

It was a day that will remain forever in our memory as an incredible experience of teamwork for a greener and more sustainable world.

With the aim of contributing to the preservation of the environment, our team got together with great enthusiasm and willingness to put their hands in the earth and plant new trees. It was a true celebration of nature, with people of all ages coming together for this mission.

Participants were divided into groups, each responsible for a specific area of land. While some people dug holes and planted, others prepared the soil and watered the new plants to ensure they had the best conditions to grow.

Throughout the morning, we could feel the positive energy that comes from contact with nature and teamwork. After all, taking care of the environment is everyone's responsibility and events like this show us that we can make a difference when we unite in the name of a common cause.

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