Tech Academies. Constant training in new technologies


Responding to the need for constant training of professionals in the Innovation and Technology sector and the scarcity of certified staff in certain technologies, ADENTIS created the Tech academies. It provides personalized training to the team in order to guarantee an ecosystem of knowledge and mastery of hard skills. As a differentiating factor, the training program is fully customized and in collaboration with different customers. With on-the-job training, certification, management and monitoring throughout the process are guaranteed, which promotes a solid base of knowledge and preparation for the professional reality. The Tech academies are part of the renewal of ADENTIS' areas of activity, carried out with the purpose of consolidating its position in the Innovation and Technology services market. One of the new axes is the “Strategy” area, where Tech academies are integrated. NeXel – the company's Closed Project unit – and Team as a Service are the other services in this area.

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