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Multiculturalism is the secret to innovation in companies


Eszter Zaborszky, Lead talent manager at Adentis, explains that the integrity of different cultures brings many benefits to an organizational structure. The article was published in ECO.

Since my childhood I was educated openly to different cultures, so I always traveled a lot with my parents and, later, alone. I remember that I fell in love with this cultural diversity when, at the age of 14, I spent a month in Italy with a family: it was there that I realized the wealth of cultures, languages, thoughts and different perspectives that somehow transform a person. This passion led me to study several languages. Portuguese was one of them, which led me to do Erasmus in Lisbon ten years ago. This was without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life and made me open my horizons even more. There is an Italian proverb that has always accompanied me throughout these years, which is the following: “Chi parla due lingue vive due vite” – Those who speak two languages ​​have two lives. a place of work where this multiculturalism and diversity existed, because I believe that nowadays the integrity of different cultures brings many benefits to an organizational structure. After some professional experiences, it was in the technological market – more precisely at Adentis, where I work now – that I felt at home, welcomed and very well received, despite coming from a very different culture. There is a great openness to cultural diversity and proof of this is that I have had colleagues from more than ten different nationalities, from almost every continent in the world. This inclusion undoubtedly becomes an asset and enriches the global corporate culture. For a person who comes from a different culture, the differentiating factor must always be the company, as it is their reference point and their “shelter”. Integrity is inevitably one of the main factors of a multicultural corporation that can be present in several ways and that brings countless advantages to its employees and to the healthy functioning of the organization. different perspectives that come from different cultural experiences, which can be an asset in solving problems. Several studies prove that the more perspectives there are in solving a problem, the greater the creativity generated by the various employees of the company: there is an increase in ideas and forms of innovation derived from the wealth of heterogeneous experiences. When organizations create truly inclusive environments, where divergences have space, thus existing involvement, it becomes even more attractive to culturally different people, resulting in company growth and employee retention factor. Multiculturalism grows exponentially in previous times and especially in the last two years in various areas of the job market, especially in the area of ​​Information Systems, where work can be carried out anywhere in the world through innovative technologies. On the one hand, it is very advantageous for foreign employees, as they have the opportunity to gain different experiences and learn about different realities. But on the other hand, it is a phenomenon that brings unprecedented challenges to organizational structures due to geographic distances. It is something that has to be overcome by companies, which need to constantly work on solutions that reinforce the involvement with their employees. I believe that, in this way, organizations have to discover new methods and strategies in order to maintain proximity to their employees, even if there is a physical distance between them. Remote work is here to stay, so we have to be prepared and ready to respond to this new reality. Multiculturalism is inevitable nowadays and brings many benefits that enrich the organizational structure, so I will always be in favor of the integration of different cultures in the professional reality. I believe that if there is a firm and stable structure, it can lead to cohesive harmony with an open, corporate mind.

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